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2010 Traffic Counts
Disclaimer note: 
The City of San Pablo makes no claim concerning the accuracy of the data provided nor assumes any liability resulting from the information herein.

This webpage is still under construction.  The 2012 Speed, Turning Movement Counts and Vehicle Class are yet to be uploaded. 

2012 Traffic Counts

2012 Traffic Counts

Average Daily Traffic
001-V - 11th St.
            Connecticut Ave. to Stonington Av.
031-V - Road 20
            20th St. to 21st St.
002-V - 23rd St.
            University Ave. to Dover Ave.
032-V - Road 20
            Mission Bell Dr. to Abella Cir.

003-V - 23rd St.
            Dover Ave. to Market Ave.

033-V - Rumrill Blvd.
            19th St. to 20th St.
004-V - 23rd St.
            Bush Ave. to Pine Ave.
034-V - Rumrill Blvd.
            Folsom Ave. to Dover Ave.
005-V - 23rd St.
            California Ave. to Alfreda Blvd.
035-V - Rumrill Blvd.
            Bush Ave to Pine Ave.
006-V - 23rd St.
            Sanford Ave. to Maricopa Ave.
036-V - Rumrill Blvd.
            Costa Ave. to Regina Ave.
007-V - Hillcrest Rd.
            Morrow Dr. to Alpine Rd.
037-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Lancaster Dr. to Robert H. Miller Dr.
008-V - Amador St.
            Riverside Ave. to Shasta Ave. 
038-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Rivers St. to Lancaster Dr.

009-V - Broadway Ave.
            11th St. to 12th St.

039-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Lake St. to Rumrill Blvd./College Ln.

010-V - Broadway Ave.
            15th St. to 16th St.

040-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Rumrill Bd./College Ln. to Broadway Av./El Portal Dr.
011-V - Broadway Ave.
            19th St. to 20th St.
041-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Stone St. to Laurie Ln.
012-V - Brookside Dr.
            Rumrill Blvd. to Giant Hwy.
042-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Van Ness Ave. to Church Ln.
013-V - Brookside Dr.
            Regello Ct. to 23rd St.
043-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Church Ln. to Vale Rd.
014-V - Castro Rd.
            Moraga St. to College
044-V - San Pablo Ave.
            Vale Rd. to San Pablo Dam Rd.
015-V - Moraga St.
            East of Castro
045-V - San Pablo Ave.
            San Pablo Dam Rd. to Tulare Ave.
016-V - Chesley Ave.
            Railroad tracks to Rumrill Blvd.
046-V - San Pablo Dam Rd.
            Ventura Ave. to Contra Costa Ave.
017-V - Church Lane
            Villa Dr. to Dover Ave.
047-V - San Pablo Dam Rd.
            Morrow Dr. to Amador St.
018-V - Church Lane
            Willow Rd. to El Portal Dr.
048-V - San Pablo Dam Rd.
            Morrow Dr. to Miflin Ave.
019-V - El Portal Dr.
            Mission Bell Dr. to Castro Rd.
049-V - Standard Ave.
            23rd St. to Mason St.
020-V - El Portal Dr.
            Church/Rollingwood to Fordham St.
050-V - Standard Ave.
            Mason St. to Van Ness St.
021-V - El Portal Dr.
            Fordham St. to I-80 West on-ramp
051-V - Stanton Ave.
            11th St. to Miner Ave.
022-V - El Portal Dr.
            Glenlock St. to I-80 overcrossing
052-V - Stanton Ave.
            Crucero Ave. to San Pablo Ave.
023-V - Emeric Ave.
            19th St. to 21st St.
053-V - University Ave.
            23rd St. to Mason St.
024-V - Giant Hwy.
            South of Palmer Ave. to Trenton Blvd.
054-V - Vale Rd.
            Willow Ave. to San Pablo Ave.
025-V - Giant Hwy.
            Trenton Blvd. to Road 20/Parr Blvd.
055-V - Vale Rd.
            San Pablo Ave. to Hospital
026-V - Market Ave.
            Mason St. to Van Ness St.
056-V - Van Ness St.
            Standard Ave. to San Pablo Ave.
027-V - Market Ave.
            Railroad tracks to Rumrill Blvd.
057-V - Yuba Ave.
            Alpine Rd. to Riverside Ave.
028-V - Market Ave.
            Rumrill Blvd. to 23rd St.
058-V - Yuba Ave.
            Casino Ave. to Shasta Ave.
029-V - Morrow Dr.
            Alan Ct. to Brentz Ln.  
059-V - Yuba Ave.,
Shasta Ave. to Glenn Ave.

030-V - Road 20
            Giant Hwy. to Westgate Cir.

060-V - Shasta Ave.
            Amador St. to Yuba Ave.

2010 Traffic Counts (data not available in 2012)

 017 - 17th, Pine to Emeric 046 - Merritt, N of Rumrill
 018 - 17th, Dover to Folsom 047 - Monte Buena, Pablo Vista to Miner
 019 - 18th, North of Baker 049 - Pablo Vista, MesaBuena to Miner
 020 - 20th, N of Dover 050 - Pine, 19th to 21st
 021 - 21st, N of Dover 051 - Post, 15th to 16th
 026 - Alipine, Yuba to Amador 056 - Rumrill, Mission to Market
 032 - Brookside, Manor to Rogelia 058 - San Pablo Ave, Rivers to Lake
 033 - Bush, 17th to 19th 069 - Sanford, 17th to 18th
 034 - California, 19th to 21st 070 - Sutter, 15th to 16th
 035 - Church, Dover to Chattleton 071 - Sutter, 19th to 21st
 037 - Dover, 19th to 20th 074 - Willow, Cherry to Ridge
 038 - Dover, Mason to Van Ness 075 - Yuba, N of Riverside
 046 - Merritt, N of Rumrill 076 - Pablo Vista, Mesa Buena to Monte Buena

Speed Data
 019 - 18th, N of Baker                         046 - Merritt, North of Rumrill
 021 - 21st, N of Dover  047 - Monte Buena, Pablo Vista to Miner
 022 - 23rd, University to Dover  048 - Morrow, Alan to Brentz
 023 - 23rd, Dover to Market  049 - Pablo Vista, Mesa Buena to Miner
 024 - 23rd, Bush to Pine  050 - Pine, 19th to 21st
 025 - 23rd, Sanford to Maricopa  061 - San Pablo Ave, Road 20 to Laurie Ln
 028 - Broadway, 11th to 12th  070 - Sutter, 15th to 16th
 029 - Broadway, 15th to 16th  071 - Sutter, 19th to 21st
 030 - Broadway, 19th to 20th  075 - Yuba, N of Riverside
 034 - California, 19th to 21st  076 - Pablo Vista, MesaBuena to MonteBuena
 042 - Emeric, 19th to 21st  

Turning Movements
 001 - 14th and Bush         007 - 21st and Emeric
 002 - 15th and Emeric  008 - 22nd and Dover             
 003 - 15th and California  009 - 23rd and Market     
 004 - 17th and Dover  010 - 23rd and Emeric
 005 - 21st and Sutter  011 - Van Ness and Dover
 006 - 21st and Pine  

Pedestrians and Bikes
 009 - 23rd and Market                    015 - 23rd and California
 012 - 23rd and Sanford  077 - Wildcat Creek Trail at Rumrill
 013 - 23rd and Wilcox  078 - Wildcat Creek between 23rd and 22nd
 014 - 23rd and Alfreda  

 Pedestrian Creek Crossings
 077 - Rumrill                                                             
 078 - 22nd and 23rd  

2011 Traffic Counts:  Helms Middle School
 Average Daily Traffic                                                  
 Turning Movements  

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