Food Scrap Composting

As of September 1, 2010, you can put food scraps and food-soiled paper into your green cart along with yard trimmings.

Green Compost Bin Tip: It’s best to put yard trimmings in the bin before adding food waste, and top off with more yard trimmings on top of the food waste.

Wrap food waste in newspaper, put it in a brown paper bag, or a used paper food container. You can also freeze material and add it to the bin a day before your scheduled pickup, or keep food waste in the fridge until the day before pickup to minimize smell and insect issues.

Always keep your cart fully closed to keep critters and insects away.

Plastic bags are not allowed in the green cart. Remove food from bags that are not paper-based before placing in the cart.

Pick up a free kitchen food scrap pail from City offices at 13831 San Pablo Ave. Building 3 during normal business hours while supplies last. Pails are provided to residents of the incorporated City only. Bring your PG&E bill as proof of residence address. The pail is easy to store under the sink and easy to clean. Empty the pail into the green compost cart the evening before pickup to help keep odors and insects away.
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  • PLEASE NOTE: The phone number listed at the end of this video has changed. The new number is (510) 215-3064.