Art Gallery 

The San Pablo Art Gallery features local artists and group 
exhibitions on a monthly basis.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for group exhibits 
by sending a packet including images and/or CD's to:

San Pablo Art Gallery Located at Maple Hall
Art Gallery Downstairs
 Art Gallery Upstairs
Photos by Marvin Soriano

Reception for BLUE 
July 22, 2017 

Photo by Anne Austin Pinata

Art Exhibits at the San Pablo Community Center​ 
Visit our satellite exhibits at the San Pablo Community Center featuring photographs by Susan Felter, City of San Pablo employees, 
paper sculptures by Jill Russell, Paintings and Drawings by Maynard Mangaron and Art Work by Naomi Lee.
Photo by Susan Felter
 Photo by Susan Felter
Paper Sculpture by Jill
  Paper Sculpture by Jill Russell
Sport Hero paintings and drawings by Maynard Mangaron
 Paintings and Drawings by Maynard Mangaron
  Wabi Sabi 1

 Wabi Sabi 2
Wabi Sabi Art Work by Naomi Lee
 Current and Upcoming Shows at Maple Hall 
 "Night Dreams"
June 15 - July 14, 2019
Reception: June 15, 1pm-3pm
Closing Reception: July 13, 1pm-3pm

  Paintings and photography by Diane Rusnak,
 Richard Russo, and Jenny Badger Sultan
 Descending the Mountain Tower by Jenny Badger Sultan

Descending the Mountain Tower by Jenny Badger Sultan 

"Dialogue of Opposites"
July 20 - August 18, 2019
Reception: July 20, 1pm-3pm

  Ceramics by Phoebe Deutsch
and clay monotypes by Pamela Stefl Toki.
 Ceramic piece by Phoebe Deutsch
Ceramic piece by Phoebe Deutsch
"Uncommon Connections"
August 24 - September 29, 2019
Reception: August 24, 1pm-3pm

 Paintings, drawings and prints by Peter Baczek, 
Photography by Scott Globus
 and Ceramics by Lydia Osias.
ceramic leaf dish by Lydia Osias
Ceramic Leaf Dish by Lydia Osias