Citizens’ Advisory Committee
Non-elected Officials

(Listed alphabetically by last name)

Aita, Joe, fmr Police Chief
Gomes, Joe
Gonzalez, Martino
Kinney, Rich
Medrano, Antonio
Millar, Doug
Pedretti, Walter, fmr Police Chief
Schuld, Walter, Police Chief
Turner, Robert
VanDyk, Dr. William
Viramontes, Xavier
Williams, McKinley

City Council
Cecilia Valdez, Mayor
Leonard R. McNeil, Vice Mayor
Genoveva Garcia Calloway
Paul V. Morris
Kathy Chao-Rothberg

City Clerk
Ted J. Denney

City Treasurer
Viviana Toledo

City Manager
Matt Rodriguez

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Datos Breves de la Medida Q (Español)

Medida Q F.A.Q(Español)

Measure Q F.A.Q

Ballot Measure Language

City Attorney’s Impartial Analysis

CC Staff Report dated 02/21/12

Resolution adopted 02/21/12

Proposed Sales Tax Ordinance

San Pablo Measure Q Report-052720

13831 San Pablo Avenue
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 215-3000

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  • On February 21, 2012, the City Council authorized that Measure Q be placed on the June 2012 ballot due to a fiscal emergency. The emergency findings are contained in Section 14 of the Resolution.

  • If Measure Q passes, it will authorize a temporary (10-year), tiered increase in the City’s sales tax. Presently, the sales tax charged for purchases made in the San Pablo is 8.25%; the passage of Measure Q will increase the sales tax by 1/2-cent for 5 years (to 8.75%)...the sales tax will then be reduced by 1/4-cent (to 8.5%) for the next 5 years...after 10 years, the temporary increase will be terminated (revert back to today’s rate of 8.25%).

  • The decision to place Measure Q on the local ballot followed a process in which the City’s voters were surveyed about priorities, and important community members (listed at left, Citizens’ Advisory Committee) discussed priorities and debated options.

  • The City decided to meet its needs with a sales tax, instead of some other funding mechanism, because:
=> The sales tax provides funding that cannot be seized
(taken away) by the State; rather, will remain in San Pablo to benefit local residents.

=> The tax is paid by non-City residents in addition to City residents.

=> The increase in sales tax will bring money into San Pablo from outside the community that will be used to benefit San Pablo
residents. For example, when commuters purchase gas, frequent local restaurants, and shop in San Pablo.

=> The tax is not paid on food or certain life necessities such as groceries or medicine purchases.

  • The money generated from the temporary increase in sales tax will be used to pay for the services provided by/through the City of San Pablo to local residents. These include, but are not limited to:
=> Public Safety (including gang prevention).

=> Job Training for local residents; especially youth and the disenfranchised (those with barriers to employment) who reside in San Pablo.

=> Youth services (keep kids off the streets and out of gangs).

  • Protect all city services -- these are vital to the preservation of public peace, health & safety of San Pablo.

  • There is no other place to cut. To date, the City has eliminated $3.3 million deficit without cutting city services; city employees (including Police) have agreed to concessions in their retirement package, caps on health benefits, and more; City Council agreed to reductions in their in-lieu medical benefits.

  • Even with the increase, sales tax in San Pablo will be less than it was (9.25%) prior to July 1st, 2011, when a 1% State Sales tax expired and was taken off the tax rolls.

  • The sales tax ordinance requires that there be Citizens’ Oversight throughout the duration of the tax, Annual Audits, and consistent Community Reporting on how the monies are spent.
For further information, contact:
Matt Rodriguez, City Manager
13831 San Pablo Avenue
San Pablo, California 94806
(510) 215-3000 City Hall

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