Listos is a basic emergency and disaster readiness public education program with a grass-roots approach that specifically targets Spanish-speaking populations. Listos' culturally appropriate Spanish language curriculum uses the strengths and bonds within the Latino community to educate and prepare its members for emergencies or disasters. 
Listos Logo
Listos works because:  
  • We partner with organizations that are trusted by the target audience/community.
  • We use a culturally and linguistically appropriate teaching style.
  • We tailor the materials to the needs and skill level of each particular group.
  • We teach life-saving techniques.
Want free preparedness training* presented to your group, club, 
or organization? 


*Instruction and training 
materials in Spanish only
For more information or to
register, please contact: 

Listos Program Manager
(510) 215-3157
There is no cost to participate in a Listos training. It is also free to have the Listos training presented to your group, club or organization. All of the instruction and training materials are in Spanish only.The training is 12-15 hours and can be scheduled to best suite your group's availability. Please contact the Listos Program Manager to learn more. 

THANK YOU to Las Montañas for continually supporting our Listos Program!