Randy Lane Drainage Improvement Project


NOTICE is hereby given that the City of San Pablo Public Works/Engineering Department intends to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project described below.

Randy Lane Drainage Improvement Project

LOCATION: The project is located on Randy Lane and Giant Road between the bridge over San Pablo Creek just south of Parr Road/Road 20 in San Pablo, Contra Costa County, California.

APN: City road right-of-way and APN: 011-010-075 for the northernmost project segment.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The City of San Pablo (City) is proposing to install a new storm drain and outfall into San Pablo Creek to alleviate flooding concerns along Randy Lane in the western portion of San Pablo. The new storm drain would consist of an 18-inch diameter pipe along Randy Lane and a 24-inch diameter pipe along Giant Road from Randy Lane to San Pablo Creek. The total pipe length would be approximately 570 feet. Trenches would be excavated up to 9 feet in depth for new storm drain pipes, and excavations for new storm drain manholes would be up to 10 feet deep. The outfall would be installed in the concrete portion of the bridge wall along the creek bank and would be 24 inches in diameter. An existing storm drain would be capped and abandoned in place under Randy Lane and private properties, and the existing outfall to the creek upstream of the bridge would be abandoned in place. The anticipated duration of construction schedule is approximately two months. The work period is anticipated to occur during the summer months when flow in San Pablo Creek is typically at its lowest.

REVIEW: The 30-day public review period for the Mitigated Negative Declaration begins on May 10, 2017 and ends on June 9, 2017 for interested individuals and public agencies to submit written comments on the document. Copies are also available for public review at:

City of San Pablo Public Works / Engineering Department
13831 San Pablo Avenue, Building 3,
San Pablo, CA 94806

Written comments during the public review period and responses to environmental issues in public comments will be considered by the city of San Pablo City Council prior to approval of the project. Any written comments on the draft document should be received at the address below by June 9, 2017. Written comments regarding the document should be directed to:

City of San Pablo Public Works / Engineering Department
Attention: Ronalyn Nonato, Assistant Engineer
13831 San Pablo Avenue, Building 3
San Pablo, CA 94806

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