COPAG Childhood Obesity Prevention Advisory Group

On July 2, 2018, City Council adopted Resolution #2018-100,transforming the existing COPTF into a new 5-member Childhood ObesityPrevention Advisory Group (Advisory Group) to coincide with the adoption of thenew RFP/RFQ process authorized by previous City Council action.  The Advisory Group was established by CityCouncil Resolution under the following general guidelines:

  • Purpose/Role:  Assist City staff with annual RFQ/RFPevaluation, contract and program administration with childhood obesityprevention contract services, and to make appropriate recommendations incollaboration with City staff to the City Council for contract award; meetperiodically to share information on the City’s city-wide childhood obesityprevention activities, contract services, programs and services on a periodicas-needed basis. 
  • Composition:  five total members: three appointed from the former COPTF affiliated organizations; and two members from the community/general public previously affiliated with former COPTF membership.  All community/general public appointments must meet a San Pablo residency requirement.
  •  Meeting Frequency: Quarterly meetings with other meetings as needed, due to operational and program administration requirements.
  •  Term:  1- and 2-year staggered terms: 1-year term for community/general public appointments, and 2-year term for community organizations.  Initially, all Advisory Group appointments will be recommended by current COPTF representatives prior to official transformation, with official appointments approved by formal City Council action.  All subsequent appointments are subject to City Council appointment only.  For the initial term(s), City Council appointments would likely occur September 2018 and run through June 30, 2019for 1-year term appointments, and from September 2018 through June 30, 2020 for2-year term appointments.
  •  Application:   A formal application for the Advisory Group must be completed for formal consideration and for annual or bi-annual renewal of Advisory Group members (see attachment).
  •  Department/Staff Liaison:  Community Services Department/Youth, School, & Community Partnerships Division staff for contract and program administration. Staffing support services may be revised to meet City budget or operational requirements as determined by the City Manager.
  • Ralph M. Brown Act:  The Advisory Group would be subject to public noticing and open meeting requirements under Ralph M. Brown Act.
  1. Jora Atienza Washington

    Community Services Manager
    Phone: (510) 215-3092