The San Pablo General Plan 2030

The City of San Pablo updated its General Plan, an important document to help guide long-range physical development in the City. The San Pablo General Plan 2030 was unanimously adopted by City Council on April 18, 2011. It provides a vision of how San Pablo should be in the future by establishing guidelines that reflect City policies, goals, and efforts while enhancing quality of life.

The General Plan is a document required under State law intended to guide physical development in the City of San Pablo. It serves as a ‘blueprint’ for the future, outlines policies that guide development and conservation, and provides the basis for establishing detailed plans and implementing programs, such as development standards and specific plans.

The previous General Plan was adopted more than 12 years ago in 1996. That Plan helped shaped the City to what it is today. Many of the objectives of the previous General Plan have been met but many new opportunities and challenges have emerged. The City decided it was time to build on our past achievements and create a new plan to set the course for the future.

The General Plan Update offered a unique opportunity for elected officials, city staff, and residents to come together to create a shared vision of the future. The development of the General Plan is a multistage process and a collaborative effort. Residents were able to be involved in all stages: from initial visioning and exploration of plan alternatives, to the selection of a preferred plan and a review of the accompanying Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

General Plan 2030 (10.3MB), Adopted April 2011
General Plan Map (1.04MB), Updated 2018
Housing Element (21.1MB), Adopted April 2015

Resolution No. 2011-045 General Plan EIR and adopt Statement of Overriding Considerations
Resolution No. 2011-046 General Plan 2030 and Housing Element Adoption
Attachment A: GP 2030 Draft EIR (11.5MB), November 2010
Attachment B: GP 2030 Final EIR (7.3MB), February 2011