Permits and Building Inspection

Important New Water Service Metering Requirements - Effective January 1, 2018 
The Building Department is responsible for:
  • Reviewing plans prior to construction and legalization (Maximum plan size for construction documents shall not exceed 24-inches by 36-inches)
  • Issuing building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits
  • Performing field inspections for the Community of San Pablo
While providing the issue of building permits and detailed inspections of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing projects, Building Inspection also investigates and responds to all citizen complaints concerning construction or safety issues of structures throughout the city.



4/26/17 NOTICE FROM BUILDING OFFICIAL:  Due to the soils type, close proximity to an active fault, and a greater potential for a landslide, the City of San Pablo will require a Geo-tech report on all development east of I-80. (2016 CBC 107.1)  The Geo-tech report is in addition to the required soils report.  Development includes building construction, grading, and tree removal, to name a few.


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Updated 7/1/2016

New STMP (Development Fees) Effective July 1, 2019 

West Contra Costa Unified School District Developer Fee Increase

Simple building permits may now be processed by fax or email by sending a copy of the scope of work and the contract to the attention of the city's Permit Technician. It is essential that you review our permit requirements prior to submittal. If you have any questions, please call (510) 215-3030.


  **2019 Version of Building Codes will be effective January 1, 2020** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      **Contractor: Copy of the fully executed contract between Vendor and Customer is required for permit issuance**




Information for Contractors and Homeowners


As a contractor, to pull a permit in the City of San Pablo you will need to provide a complete scope of work and value of the job signed by the contractor and property owner/customer. You will be required to provide your contractors pocket card or written authorization from the card holder and a copy of their valid drivers’ license or identification (for signature validation) and valid identification or license for the person pulling the permits.
As a homeowner, you will need to bring a valid drivers’ license or identification, and you must be listed on the title/deed of the property or you will need a letter of authorization from the property owner, a copy of the property owners drivers license (for signature validation) valid identification or license for the person pulling the permits.

Plancheck and plans may be required depending on the scope of work. Call the building division at (510) 215-3030 to verify if plans will be required.