ISH - International Student Housing

Proposed Student Housing

At the Mission Plaza Commercial Center

Development Opportunity

Development Opportunity

The San Pablo Redevelopment Agency acquired three of four parcels that makes up this 1.5 acre site for the development of international student housing.

This site consists of 4 total parcels surrounded by three major corridors. There are several businesses that are currently operating on-site.

As a catalyst for the western side of the Avenue, this development opportunity is designed to create student housing for international students attending Contra Costa College and other colleges in the Bay Area.

The project should consist of a freestanding mixed-use structure up to five (5) stories in height. The square footage would be comprised of approximately 80 units and up to 15,000 square feet of commercial retail space.

The units may range from 680 to 750 square feet in size and will contain two (2) bedroom suites with full bathrooms for each suite. The project parking requirement would be 0.50 spaces per residential unit and up to 60 spaces for the commercial area.

Existing Conditions
Photos coming soon!

A Prospectus is available for immediate review. The Agency encourages interested parties to submit a proposal with a preliminary proforma to the Agency for consideration. Submissions are welcome until a developer is selected.

Due to Governor Brown's current proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies, development is currently on hold until further notice. We continue to welcome your inquiries but the Agency will not be able take action until the State of California decides the future of redevelopment.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Contra Costa Community College District offers high-quality educational opportunities for international students at each of their three colleges: Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College and Los Medanos College.

The purpose of the City of San Pablo – Contra Costa College International House is to provide a multi-cultural, multi-functional campus residence and program center serving those students of the Contra Costa Community College District, international students, local students and the local community.

Why San Pablo

  • San Pablo is centrally located. Both Contra Costa County and the San Francisco area are centers of Northern California cultural and economic life and offer many opportunities for both personal and professional growth.
  • Contra Costa College has a growing international student population.
  • Its close proximity to a highly traveled corridor and an international marketplace: San Pablo Market, Pacific East Marketplace, Oakland’s Chinatown, San Francisco’s Chinatown, Vallejo’s Filipino Town, San Francisco’s Japantown, San Francisco’s Koreatown.
  • Its close proximity to San Francisco and Oakland city centers.
  • Its close proximity to transportation: BART, AC Transit & Amtrak.

The Center
The International Center will consist of a mixed-use building with a residential component on top and commercial/service component on its ground level. The 60-unit complex will offer a comfortable and relaxing environment, offering the amenities that will support the educational goals of its residents and

The Center will have a dining room to serve its residents, a resident computing center and, a resource center and laundry room.

Who else can the Center serve?
The Center will primarily serve those international students of the Contra Costa College District and can also serve those students from local community colleges and UC Berkeley. Aside from international students, the Center can also serve visiting populations from countries worldwide primarily China, Korea and Thailand through a Language-based Program. The remaining units can be rented to the general community.