Youth, School and Community Partnerships (YSCP)

San Pablo 2017-251
The Youth, School and Community Partnership Division is committed to the healthy development of youth and is focused on developing positive opportunities, programs and partnerships that will provide children and youth with skills, knowledge, support, and resources leading to healthy and productive lives.  

Our programs, services, and initiatives support a community where government, families, schools, law enforcement, and organizations work together to create an environment conducive to support young people, their learning, and their success.

Please Note, our division name has changed from "Youth Services" to "Youth, School & Community Partnerships".

When visiting our office, our signage still refers to "Youth Services", if you have any question please contact us.

  1. Bertha Romo

    Program Coordinator
    Phone: (510) 215-3087

  2. Youth Services

    Physical Address
    13831 San Pablo Avenue #6
    (look for the white fence)
    San Pablo, CA 94806

    Phone: (510) 215-3087

Programs, Services and Initiatives

Full Service Community Schools
As part of a collaborative team, YSCP supports strategic efforts to transform all schools in San Pablo into Full Service Community Schools: Where Community Supports Education and Education Supports Community.  Community Schools are a nationally recognized model that combines strong academic instruction with an array of vital supports and services for students and their families at the school site.  Walter T. Helms Middle School currently serves as the hub of the San Pablo FSCS Initiative. In July 2014, Hatchuel Tabernik and Associates (HTA) completed the San Pablo Community School Needs Assessment Report to inform the direction of the FSCS initiative. 

Community Schools Collaborative
The Community Schools Collaborative brings various agencies and systems together to address the whole child through comprehensive school-based services. Team members meet monthly for professional development and as a learning community to share resources and best practices for working with children, youth, and families in San Pablo. 

Youth Summit
The City of San Pablo Youth Services hosted the 7th Youth Summit on October 18th, 2017 at Helms Middle School (2500 Rd 20, San Pablo). The Youth Summit is an opportunity for youth to bring positive change for their generation and the next. During the summit, students had the chance to be involved in fun workshops, which focused on nutrition and physical activities. #HealthySanPablo #SayNoMoreDoMore

Back to School Closet Event 
The San Pablo Youth Commission hosted their 7th annual Back to School Closet event this year. It took place at San Pablo’s, Davis Park (1661 Folsom Ave., San Pablo) on September 9th from 10am-1pm. The Back to School Closet was open to families and children of all ages to pick out free items. The items offered were clothing for baby to adult, shoes, sports equipment, school supplies, toys and even included a Jump Rope Contest which bikes were raffled out! 

Community Grant Program
San Pablo Team for Youth (SPTFY) is the funding arm of the Community Schools Initiative. SPTFY provides funds to public and non-profit agencies to expand and/or enhance school-based programs/services for children, youth, and families.

Work Experience/Academic Support
Through a partnership with the Contra Costa County Office of Education's Youth Development Services, in-school youth, 16-21, receive academic support, financial aid guidance, and prepare for careers and/or post-secondary school through conventional training opportunities. 

Childhood Obesity Prevention Task Force
The Childhood Obesity Prevention Task Force is comprised of key stakeholders and residents committed to collectively addressing the growing childhood obesity epidemic in the San Pablo community.

Girls Circle 
Using the Girls Circle Model, school-based, gender specific groups for girls, ages 9-18 are provided weekly for 8 – 12 weeks, integrating self-expression activities as strategies to encourage discussion around culturally relevant themes related to the girls’ lives -- being a girl, trusting ourselves, friendships, body image, goals, competition, negative influences, and decision-making. To search upcoming trainings, visit: For more information please contact Bertha Romo at 510-215-3087.

Removing Barriers
The Removing Barriers program is a partnership between the City of San Pablo, The San Pablo Economic Development Corporation and New Skin Adult Tattoo Removal focused on assisting individuals ages 16 and older remove barriers to safety, employability, community re-entry and opportunity. In addition to providing job readiness, curriculum, life skills and work experience, Removing Barriers also provides the removal of visible tattoos located on the hands, face, neck and/or other exposed areas.