What is a General Plan and who uses it?

The General Plan is San Pablo’s roadmap for the future of the city. It is a long-term document (looking ahead 20 years) that includes text and diagrams to describe how the community wants to see the city develop over time. It specifies locations for various activities (ex: housing, jobs, shops, schools), transportation improvements, new parks and open spaces, and other public infrastructure. The Plan guides urban development within the City limits — including development on both privately-owned and publicly owned land — and is used a basis for land use decisions by government officials such as the Planning Commission and the City Council. All cities and counties in California are required by law to have a general plan.

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1. What does the project involve?
2. What is a General Plan and who uses it?
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4. What is the difference between the General Plan and the Zoning Ordinance?
5. What is a Housing Element?
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7. What will be in the Rumrill Boulevard Corridor Plan?
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