What is RHNA?

Pronounced “REE-NAH,” the term stands for Regional Housing Needs Allocation. It is a total number of new housing units the City must plan for over the next 8 years to address expected demand, as determined by the State of California. RHNA is split into four categories representing different levels of affordability, based on median income level in the county ($103,997). San Pablo must ensure the zoning map will allow for construction of sufficient housing at all levels of affordability over the next 8 years in order to meet its RHNA requirements:


Affordability (based on Contra Costa County Area Median Income (AMI))

No. New Units

Very Low Income

Households making less than 50% AMI


Low Income

Households making 50-80% AMI


Moderate Income

Households making 80-120% AMI


Above Moderate Income

Households making more than 120% AMI


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