What will be in the Rumrill Boulevard Corridor Plan?

The Rumrill Boulevard Corridor Plan will describe a shared vision for this important corridor in the southwestern part of San Pablo. The Plan will cover a segment of the corridor that runs between Brookside and Costa which has been designated a Priority Development Area (PDA). Today, there is an eclectic mix of businesses and housing on the corridor, but there are also many vacant and underused properties that could be redeveloped. A citywide survey conducted in early 2021 found strong community support for adding higher density housing options along the corridor, improving the look and feel of buildings, and planting trees and green spaces. The Corridor plan is an opportunity to plan holistically for the area and develop a strategy that will lead to improved environmental conditions, economic opportunities, and housing development sites

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1. What does the project involve?
2. What is a General Plan and who uses it?
3. When was the last General Plan updated and what is different about this one?
4. What is the difference between the General Plan and the Zoning Ordinance?
5. What is a Housing Element?
6. What is RHNA?
7. What will be in the Rumrill Boulevard Corridor Plan?
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