Clean Water

Stormwater and wastewater eventually end up in the Bay. The water that comes out of your faucet is treated before it reaches your house and then it enters the sewer system as wastewater. The wastewater that leaves your house is treated in a plant before it is discharged to the Bay. However, stormwater is not treated.
The stormdrain system consists of a network of pipes throughout the city that convey surface water from the streets to the creeks. Since the stormdrain system is not connected to the sewer system and does not filter water or debris, any pollutant that flows into the storm drain ends up in our creeks, the San Francisco Bay, and eventually the ocean. San Pablo has 3 creeks that drain into the Bay; Rheem, San Pablo, and Wildcat Creeks.
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For this reason, only stormwater (rain) is allowed in the gutters and stormdrain system. The City of San Pablo has a comprehensive program to prevent stormwater pollution which includes business inspections, public outreach, construction inspections, illegal dumping abatement, and maintenance of the creeks and stormdrain systems. Please click on “Stormwater Pollution Prevention Tips” for more information on how you can help or call (510) 215-3060 for questions.

Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CCCWP)
The City of San Pablo is part of the Contra Costa Clean Water Program, which is a local organization dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment for Contra Costa's creeks and rivers, the Delta and the Bay.  Please visit Clean Water to find out more about
Wastewater (Sewer System) 
For questions regarding your sewer, please contact the West County Wastewater District at
(510) 222-6700.

Water Conservation

Drinking water is an important resource in California. For tips on how you can conserve water, visit East Bay Municipal Utility District.
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