911 on Cell Phones

Dialing 9-1-1 on a Cellular Phone
Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

Whenever possible, people should call from a “land line.” The address and call back number will display automatically for dispatchers in case the caller cannot speak, the connection is bad, or the call gets disconnected.

For 7-digit emergency calls for crimes, violent acts, vehicle accidents, etc., call the Police Department’s number; they will send Police Officers and will connect automatically to Fire District if anyone needs medical care or rescue; PD, Sheriff’s Office, CHP all have direct “ring down lines” to Fire.

Only call the Fire District’s 7-digit number for fires, medical emergencies, and non-violent rescues and accidents occurring in West County, including San Pablo.

For incidents in Richmond or El Cerrito, citizens using cell phones may call Richmond Dispatch directly for quickest processing.

Recognize that when traveling outside of the local area and outside of our Fire District’s service area (to Berkeley, Oakland, SF, Vallejo, Benicia, etc.), calling CCCFPD’s 7-digit emergency number will create a delay in processing and will tie up dedicated 9-1-1 dispatchers (who should be handling local calls for CCCFPD, East Contra Costa, Rodeo-Hercules, Pinole, Moraga-Orinda, etc.).

For more information from Contra Costa County Fire Protection District regarding 9-1-1 calls.