Transportation Permit

Transportation Permits are required for any vehicle that exceeds legal limits below:


Legal Maximum




Anything wider than 12’ requires a pilot car. A pilot car may be required for widths greater than 10’ as determined by the Engineer.


65’ combination vehicle length

Anything longer than 120’ requires a pilot car.



Anything taller requires a survey.


80,000 combination weight

Caltrans weight charts shall be used.  For cranes, also provide Caltrans Inspection Sheet and/or Annual Transportation Permit.

Per San Pablo Municipal Code section 10.04.110 – Truck Routes, vehicles which exceed three tons must use the designated truck routes until the closest point on a designated truck route to the vehicle’s destination for pickups or deliveries.

City Truck Routes:

  • San Pablo Ave.
  • San Pablo Dam Road
  • Giant Road (only between Road 20 and Richmond Parkway)
  • I-80 through San Pablo
  • Evans Avenue
Typical requirements to obtain a Transportation Permit:
City Hall Hours: Monday thru Thursday, 7:30am-6:00pm; open during lunch time.
With the exception of the San Pablo Senior Center, Public Works Maintenance & Operations/Corporation Yard, and Police Patrol Services; Youth & Recreation Services will be open Fridays with limited services.
Bigge truck vessel2.jpg

Typical City bridge crossings:
  • San Pablo Ave. (int. Road 20)
  • 23rd St. (int. University Ave.)
  • Vale Rd. (int. Howard St.)
  • Church Ln. (int. Chattleton Ln.)
  • Church Ln. (int. El Portal Dr.)
  • Rumrill Blvd. (int. Folsom)
  • Rumrill Blvd. (int. Brookside Dr.)
  • Giant Rd. (int. Road 20)
  • Giant Rd. (int. Palmer Ave.)

For questions and submittals:
City of San Pablo City Hall - Building 3
Public Works Department 
1000 Gateway Ave | San Pablo CA 94806
Tel: (510) 215-3060 | Fax: (510) 215-3013