Juvenile Education Welfare Liaison (J.E.W.L.)

The San Pablo Police Department prioritize safety, education, principles of restorative justice, and mentorship through the J.E.W.L. Program. J.E.W.L. Officers respond to any and all student-related incidents at school sites as needed. This includes issues surrounding truancy, fights, thefts, abuse, assault, mediations, lost property, welfare checks and any other requests for service from any of the seven schools located in the City of San Pablo. J.E.W.L. Officers also respond to juvenile-related incidents within the City of San Pablo but outside school campuses. These calls could range from loitering, truancy, welfare checks and home visits, runaways, abuse, curfew violations or any other juvenile-related crimes or incidents throughout San Pablo.

In addition to calls for service, J.E.W.L. Officers continue the tradition of teaching the G.R.E.A.T program at the San Pablo Community Center as an after-school program. 

The J.E.W.L. Officers are a resource working with Community Services staff to support local youth activities’ leagues and participate in community events that promotes health and welfare for the youth in our community.  The primary goal for this collaborative effort is to reduce juvenile crime and improve the lives of our youth by providing positive outlets for expression, learning and character development.

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