Fireworks Campaign

With the 4th of July around the corner, we want to ensure that our Community celebrates in a safe and responsible manner. The extreme dry weather conditions coupled with illegal fireworks greatly increases the threat of fire hazards throughout the region.  To combat illegal fireworks and improve fire safety, the San Pablo Police Department has teamed up with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and neighboring police agencies to get the message out to our community that all fireworks are illegal throughout Contra Costa County.  

We began our “No Fireworks” campaign in June. San Pablo P.D., along with neighboring police agencies, will conduct firework suppression patrols throughout the month of June.  Anyone found in possession of Fireworks will be cited and fireworks will be confiscated for destruction.  

We have also teamed up with the Contra Costa County Fire District to ensure our residents remain safe throughout the summer months.  County fire inspectors are working with our Code Enforcement unit notifying our residents to cut down any dry grass, shrubs and weeds from their yards.  It is strongly recommended dry leaves and branches be removed from your gutters and roof tops as these will easily catch fire if they come in contact with fireworks.   The safety of our community is our highest priority and we are working diligently to make sure everyone remains safe.   To report illegal fireworks in your neighborhood please call the San Pablo police at (510) 724-1111.  

Click on the image below to view our "Fireworks Safety Presentation" that was held on June 15, 2023.

Fireworks Campaign

Fireworks Campagin