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The development of the City is important as it reflects progress.  Development also brings new jobs, shopping opportunities and general revitalization of a community.  

The Redevelopment Agency is often involved in most of the development in the City. The following projects list attempts to highlight all development occurring within the City. The projects will note if the project is Agency assisted.

Current Projects
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Proposed Projects
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Recently Completed Projects

This list represents all approved projects in various stages of development.  This list includes non-Agency assisted projects. 
This list represents development opportunities within the City.  At this time, all of the properties are Agency owned. 
This list represents all projects completed with in the City and include non-Agency assisted projects. 
View Capital Improvement Projects.
Due to budget cuts, many projects have been placed on hold until funding can be secured.  Those projects will be noted. 
View  Recently Completed Projects.