Support Personnel

Support Services Manager Celeste Taylor joined the City of San Pablo as a Police Support Services Manager in April 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from University California at Davis and is a candidate for a Master of Science in Public Safety Leadership Class of 2022 at the University of San Diego. She holds a POST Management and Records Supervisor certificate. Previously she worked as a Sheriff’s Dispatcher, Senior Clerk, Clerical Supervisor, and Fiscal Analyst at Contra Costa County.

Executive Assistant Tracey Thebodeau was hired in 2012 as an Executive Assistant due to her skills, knowledge, and ability in working in various professional fields and environments. She enjoys working with a diverse group of individuals and the unpredictable nature of her job.

She has developed into the “go-to” person in the department for most administrative inquiries. She stays apprised of industry standards and has the answers to most questions. Keeping command staff, and an entire police department, organized can be an impossible task to which she handles with ease and a smile. Her professional and joyful demeanor is appreciated by all of staff. She will also look for any opportunity to participate in community events, especially if it requires physical activity. She is an avid bicyclist, bowler, and all-around workout warrior.

Celeste Taylor

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Tracey Thebodeau