Kids Corner

In this section of our web site we provide information of interest to the younger members of our community. Check back often for changes and updates.
Dealing with Strangers

As a family or just between friends, all safety rules should be made simple and at a level that all of us can understand. We have heard all the rules about strangers, but did you know that anyone, adult or child, can be fooled by someone they know or even someone they think they know. Here are six safety tips you should know.
  • Strangers are someone you do not know or someone you have not been introduced to.
  • Just because someone knows your name, home address, or the school you go to does not mean you should trust them. Parents: Explain to your children who they should trust (i.e. school officials, police officers).
  • Not all strangers are men and anyone can be a stranger.
  • Not all strangers look or act mean. In fact most strangers you meet will be very nice especially if they are trying to fool you. You have to look for signs that someone is trying to fool or trick you.
  • Never let anyone take you away from where you feel safe and protected.

How to dial 9-1-1

Attention Parents, if you are teaching your children about 9-1-1. We suggest that you consider the following:

  • First, it is important that your child be taught their address and telephone number. 
  • Secondly, make sure your child can physically reach at least one telephone. Wall mounted telephones can be unreachable for small children. 
  • Discuss with your child any situations that may be unique to them. This could include an elderly live-in relative, younger brother or sisters; or any other unique factor that the child might encounter. 
  • Keep in mind, if your child tries to dial 9-1-1 from a cell phone they will be connected to the California Highway Patrol. When you dial 9-1-1 from a cell phone your phone number and address is not known to the dispatcher. If your child is ever given a cell phone to use in case of emergency make sure your child knows where they are. That way the California Highway Patrol Dispatcher can transfer your child to the appropriate agency for assistance.
School Resource Officers
The School Resource Officers give students an opportunity to interact with an officer on a regular basis. As a result, officers are able to develop a rapport with the students, along with the faculty and administrators as well.

The School Resource Officers are available to students and the faculty alike to offer advice, guidance, and friendship.
  • Officer David Hoff, (510) 215-3268
  • Officer Cameron Banayat, (510) 215-3139