Ride Along

To increase understanding and to foster cooperation between the public and the police department, we encourage community members to take advantage of our Ride Along Program. This is a unique opportunity to ride in a police vehicle with a seasoned police officers as he conducts his/her patrol duties. Questions are highly encouraged. There may be risk involved but your safety is our highest priority.


Applicants must be at least 18-year old to participate. Ride Alongs are limited to one patrol shift per thirty-day period. Appropriate dress is required and it is recommended that you layer your clothing due to sudden temperature changes. 

If you are currently a police officer considering employment with our Department, contact the On-Duty Sergeant directly at (510) 215-3171 and leave a recorded message. 

Apply for a Ride Along  

All requests to ride must accompany a complete ride along application. Applications may be obtained from the links below, the Police Department Records Unit or by contacting the On-Duty Sergeant. All application require approval by the Chief of Police; anyone may be excluded at the discretion of the Chief. Upon approval of your request, you will be contacted by phone to arrange an appointment to ride. 

Ride Along Application (English)
Please return completed applications to:
Records Unit
San Pablo Police Department
13880 San Pablo Avenue
San Pablo, CA 94806