Streets and Sidewalks


The City has approximately 48 miles of paved streets to maintain. With the help of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's (MTC) StreetSaver Pavement Management Program, the City is making cost-effective decisions to maintain the road network, maximizing the City's return on investment from available funds by generating prioritized workplans and identifying specific areas in need of maintenance and rehabilitation.

The MTC StreetSaver system recommends approximately 22% of street maintenance funding be dedicated to preventative maintenance, such as slurry seal and cracksealing. Preventative maintenance treatments sustain the street system Pavement Condition index (PCI) at a high level at a relatively low cost. Through this approach, the City's average PCI is now 78, which is considered “very good”.
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Although sidewalks are located in the public right-of-way, adjoining property owners are generally responsible for their maintenance and repair (San Pablo Municipal Code Section 12.04.015). Exceptions are: if sidewalk damage is due to a City tree or due to the collapse of an underlying utility. If the property owner is responsible, the owner may choose to hire an independent contractor to complete needed repairs to required standards (a city permit is required).

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