Standard Details

SA – General Road Work

SA-01 General Lots – Driveway Curb Cuts

SA-02 Residential Lots – Driveway Curb Cuts

SA-03 Sidewalk and Curb and Gutter

SA-04 Driveway and Gutter

SA-05 Bus Pad

SA-06 Speed Bump

SA-07 Street Cross Sections

SA-08 Trench Backfill

SB – General Construction

SB-01 Trash Enclosure

SD – General Drainage

SD-01 Valley Gutter

SD-02 Sidewalk Cross Drain

SD-03 Type A Inlet

SD-04 Type B Inlet

SD-05 Type C Inlet

SD-06 Concrete Pipe Saddle, Existing Pipe Diameters to 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”

SD-07 Concrete Pipe Saddle, Existing Pipe Diameters 15” - 36”

SD-08 Concrete Pipe Saddle, Existing Pipe Diameters 42” and Greater

SD-09 Pipe Cover Detail

SH – General Landscaping

SH-01 Standard Tree Well – Typical Section

SH-02 Creek and Trail Setbacks

SRS – Signing and Striping

SRS-01 Sign and Sign Post

SRS-02 Parking Sign

BMP – Best Management Practices

BMP-01 Curb Inlet Sediment Barrier, Sandbags

BMP-02 Drop Inlet Sediment Barrier

BMP-03 Temporary Gravel Construction Entrance

BMP-04 Straw Rolls

BMP-05 Erosion Blankets Slope Stabilization

BMP-06 Pollution Prevention

BMP-07 No Dumping Sign

​GI - Green Infrastructure

GI-01 Slope-Sided Bioretention Facility

GI-02 Planter Box Bioretention Facility

GI-03 Curb Cut Inlet

GI-04 Bioretention Facility Curb and Gutter

GI-05 Concrete Check Dam

GI-06 Permeable Pavers