Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard mitigation is the use of long-term and short-term policies, programs, projects, and other activities to alleviate the death, injury, and property damage that can result from a disaster. Contra Costa County and a partnership with City of San Pablo and other local governments within the county have developed a hazard mitigation plan to reduce risks from natural disasters in the Contra Costa County Operational Area—defined as the unincorporated county and incorporated jurisdictions within the geographical boundaries of the county. The plan complies with federal and state hazard mitigation planning requirements to establish eligibility for funding under Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant programs.

Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Update – FEMA approved plan contingent on all the annexed local governments adopting the plan.

This plan has been set up in two volumes so that elements that are jurisdiction-specific can easily be distinguished from those that apply to the whole planning area:

  • Volume 1 - includes all federally required elements of a disaster mitigation plan that apply to the entire planning area. This includes the description of the planning process, public involvement strategy, goals and objectives, planning area hazard risk assessment, planning area mitigation actions, and a plan maintenance strategy.
  • Volume 2 - includes all federally required jurisdiction-specific elements, in annexes for each participating jurisdiction. It includes a description of the participation requirements established by the Steering Committee, as well as instructions and templates that the partners used to complete their annexes.