City Manager

Role & Responsibility

The City Manager serves as Chief Executive Officer of the City of San Pablo and administers and coordinates the various functions of City government, as directed by the City Council. The City Manager is also over the City’s External Services functions which consists of: Community Services (Recreation & Youth) and Public Works.

The Assistant City Manager is in charge of the City’s Internal Services functions which consist of: Finance, Development Services, and Informational Technology, and primarily coordinates the Human Resources functions of the City and provides overall operational support to both the City Council and City Manager.

The Assistant to the City Manager provides supplemental administrative and operational support to the City Manager and Assistant City Manager in a number of managerial roles although primarily assists with the Human Resources function and is assigned special projects, as directed.

The specific responsibilities of the City Manager include:
• Coordinating day-to-day operations of City departments
• Leading and supervising the department heads and their operational activities
• Preparing a City draft budget each fiscal year for City Council consideration
• Administering Council-adopted City budget, including the annual Capital Improvements Program
• Researching and making recommendations about topics of interest to the City Council
• Monitoring the progress and implementation of the City Council’s Annual Priority Workplan
• Meeting with citizens and citizen groups to resolve concerns and understand their needs
• Providing executive leadership that encourages high-quality performance by City Staff
• Guiding San Pablo’s municipal operations, including those of the San Pablo Redevelopment Agency (now Successor Agency), the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation, and coordinating City-wide organizational programs and activities
• Representing San Pablo in community affairs, generating public information, and encouraging civic engagement and participation
• Directing the operating and capital budget process and providing financial planning
• Seeking developmental opportunities to encourage growth in tax revenues and job creation
• Providing administrative support for Council members in their legislative capacities, as well as in their activities with other agencies

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