Annual City-wide and Public Safety Community Benchmark Surveys

Purpose Statement

The San Pablo City Council annually approves the commissioning of an annual community benchmark survey to obtain multi-longitudinal scientific research on the collective values and needs of its community at-large. A general community outreach plan is developed through the City's consultant, Strategy Research Institute, Inc. (SRI) which reflects current City priorities and goals, and is designed into an appropriate survey instrument with research questions of interest for San Pablo City officials (i.e. City Council and City Administration). Generally, the research questions developed address the following areas, as follows:

1. Establish and rank-order BENCHMARK measures of public opinion regarding issues of concern to three (3) specific “publics” within the City of San Pablo: (i) the community-at-large, (ii) registered voters throughout the community, and (iii) property owners throughout the community.

2. Identify the forms of economic development perceived by local residents as being most desirable for San Pablo; in particular, awareness of, and support for, the Circle S Redevelopment Project.

3. A Needs Analysis to determine: (i) spending priorities for those services and programs presently being provided to local residents that impact the quality of life one enjoys as a resident of San Pablo; and (ii) should cutbacks in City services become necessary, due to a depressed economy, rank-order areas of possible cutbacks.

4. Identify public opinion regarding several other matters of interest to City officials including, but NOT necessarily limited to: (a) Establish satisfaction scores regarding the City services presently being provided to local residents;

(b) Determine the local electorate’s willingness to support future financial mechanisms contemplated by the City;

(c) Determine local residents’ understanding of restrictions to how the City can spend its local tax dollars on City programs and services.

5. Public Outreach: Secure the form of “intelligence” needed for determining what type of PUBLIC OUTREACH will be most effective in accomplishing the goals AND expectations of City officials in providing the highest possible quality of life for all San Pablo residents.

List of Surveys

Community Surveys

Public Safety Surveys

2010 Community Survey Report
2020 Public Safety Survey Report
2011 Community Needs Analysis Tracking
2021 Public Safety Survey Report
2012 Community Core Values, Economic Development & Childhood Obesity
2022 Public Safety Survey Report
2014 Mid-Year Community Survey (Tracking Core Values & Expectations)
2023 Public Safety Survey Report
2016 Community Survey Report

2017 Community Survey Report

2018 Community Survey Report

2019 / 2020 Community Survey Report

2020 Year-End Annual Community Survey

2021 Year-End Annual Community Survey

2022 Year-End Annual Community Survey