Illegal Dumping


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The City of San Pablo’s Public Works Department hauls away tons of trash every year from the public right-of-way. This trash would otherwise end up in our neighborhoods, creeks and waterways. Community and governmental agencies need to work in partnership to stop the enormous problem of illegal dumping. Here is how you can help:

Two Ways to Report Illegal Dumping

  1. Report the dumping using the Reach San Pablo app.  Use the City's website, Google Play or the App Store to download Reach San Pablo. Include the type of debris, amount and location in your report.  Never touch hazardous or medical waste! 
  2. Call the Illegal Dumping hotline at 1-800-NO DUMPING (1-800-663-8674).

If You Witness Illegal Dumping

Please provide the following information to assist us in catching and prosecuting illegal dumpers:

  • Photo of the incident
  • License plate number and a description of any vehicle(s) involved
  • Description of the offender(s)
  • Description of the item(s) dumped
  • Time, date and location of the incident you witnessed

Discourage Dumping on Your Property

Remember San Pablo's Municipal Code 8.02.020 requires property owners to maintain their properties, including any alleys, sidewalks or parkways abutting a parcel.  Maintaining your property includes the removal of dumped or illegally dumped items.  

To discourage dumping on your property you can:Disposal Options Brochure English 2021 - COVID

  • Light outdoor areas around your home and property
  • Maintain clear sight lines so that you can monitor your property from inside your home
  • Use surveillance cameras to record illegal dumping
  • Define your property boundaries with plants, paving, short walls or fences
  • Trim bushes, cut weeds and maintain a clean environment
  • Remove graffiti within 24-48 hours

How to Remove Unwanted or Illegally Dumped Items on Your Property

Visit the Free Disposal Options page to learn about programs for San Pablo residents if you have items not suitable for reuse or if illegal dumping has occurred on your property. Leaving trash on the street, sidewalk, or other public place is against the law and subject to fines.
Visit the Contra Costa Map to see if your address falls within the City of San Pablo.