San Pablo Incorporated City Limits Boundary Information

Follow the steps below to look up if an address falls within the City of San Pablo limits.

STEP 1: Click here to download the Google Earth Look-up Tool.

STEP 2: The Look-up Tool will download onto your computer. Open the tool by clicking on the downloaded file at the bottom of your window screen 

OR navigate to the “Downloads” folder on your desktop and open the most recently downloaded file, “San Pablo City boundary...”

STEP 3: If the Start-Up Tips window opens, click the “Close” button to exit this screen. 

STEP 4: In the Search box on the top left of the screen, type the address you would like to search. Click the “Search” button after you have typed in the complete address. 

STEP 5: After you click the “Search” button, the map will zoom into the address. The address is located within the City of San Pablo limits if it falls inside of the red line shown on the map. 


San Pablo City Boundary

San Pablo City Limit (link)