I bought a house with an illegal addition. How do I make things legal?

While these situations are often difficult to resolve, it is to the property owner's advantage to make past construction legal. It is important to determine what permits were previously issued, if any, and what construction has been inspected and properly completed. Some of the questions that will need answers include: Was a permit issued by the City? Were the permits finalized? Was any of the construction inspected but not finalized? If such information can be clarified by the Building Department or Tax Assessors’ records, the Planning Division staff will be able to provide a property owner with options for obtaining the proper permits and inspections. In these cases, it is not unusual for properties to have to demolish or reconfigure illegal work, or to obtain both Planning Division and Building Department approvals and permits for work that was done illegally. This question also applies to Residential Health and Safety inspections that discover illegal construction during a sale transaction

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